Spotlight: Innovation & Sustainable Chemistry

Session 1: How to build a sustainable labware company


The first session of the ISC3 SPOTLIGHTS was kicked off by Felix Wollenhaupt, and was moderated by Anna Becker (ISC3). Felix Wollenhaupt is the co-founder of the German company Green Elephant Biotech GmbH, which is the world’s first company to make labware from plant-based materials. Felix Wollenhaupt shared his journey and provided information on building a company, including advice on how to find the best business partners, raise capital, build a team, and create a business plan. Moreover, he offered insight into potential challenges that entrepreneurs may face during their journey and how to overcome them.

"I want to encourage young people to develop their talents and skills in biotechnology while gaining the entrepreneurial skills to turn their visions into reality."

said Felix Wollenhaupt.

Felix Wollenhaupt provided a basic understanding and knowledge about important things to consider and some pitfalls to avoid before developing one‘s own sustainable biotech company.While companies face significant challenges, success often hinges on a combination of factors such as a strong idea, a variety of valuable networks, and the right timing. In this way, entrepreneurs can unlock the potential to promote sustainability in business and drive positive change. As an entrepreneur, he is curious about the important upcoming 5th World Chemical Conference (25-29 September in Bonn, Germany), and especially the discussions on how to foster innovative solutions within the field of Sustainable Chemistry.

Recorded Live Session

The Speakers:

Anna Becker
Director Policy
Felix Wollenhaupt
Co-Founder and MD
Green Elephant Biotech GmbH

Participating Partner:

Logo Green Elephant

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