Spotlight: Innovation & Sustainable Chemistry

Session 3: Prof. John Warner. Celebrating 25 years of Green Chemistry: The Missing Elements


Session 3 of the ISC3 SPOTLIGHTS featured a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. John Warner, moderated by Janina Haubenreißer (ISC3), celebrating 25 years of Green Chemistry since the publication of Warner's and Paul Anastas' book "Green Chemistry" in 1998. During his speech, Warner provided an overview of Green Chemistry's history and context, its relationship with other approaches like Sustainable Chemistry and the Circular Economy, and its potential contributions to creating a sustainable future.

Throughout his career, Warner became aware that he had never received an education on the risks associated with chemicals, which prompted him to found the field of Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry's primary goal is to minimise or eliminate the use of hazardous materials at the design stage of materials processes.

Warner emphasised the importance of transforming academic curricula to incorporate the mechanisms of toxicity and environmental damage. He believes that this transformation is essential to training future generations to embed Green Chemistry in science and business. Warner further highlighted the need for collaboration between all approaches to achieve a sustainable future.

ISC3 is honored that Prof Dr Warner will contribute a second session titled "Green Chemistry: Inventing a Circular Economy across organizations and industries" on June 2nd at 4:00 pm CEST.

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John Warner
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