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Creating Knowledge

ISC3 uses workshops to create communities of practice in our partner countries.
These bring together experts and knowledge on our focus topics.

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Example: Power-to-X

Power to X is ISC3’s new focus topic and treats the conversion of renewable energy into chemical products that can be used in other sectors, like food, cosmetics, fertilisers, chemicals, steel, cement, as well as modes of transport.

Many countries, are currently working on a Hydrogen-strategy, and ISC3 wants to use this momentum to build capacity in those countries. A possible approach is to organize a 2-day training, with materials provided by the PtX-Hub. The 2-day training is followed by a 1-day workshop where decision makers and other multiplicators exchange their knowledge and look for strategies to anchor this knowledge in policies or other programs. The success of this approach fully depends on the involvement of our partner-organisations.

An initial outcome of a workshop can be influence on a national hydrogen roadmap but can also include regional influences by including neighboring countries.
More on Power-to-X

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Factsheet: Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Power-to-X

The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) and the International PtX Hub promote renewable PtX and Sustainable Chemistry, which play a crucial role for just and sustainable development. Both partners organise Human-Capacity-Development (HCD) measures such as training and workshops by and for experts to find the most promising strategies to copewith the challenging transition to a sustainable future and catalyse defossilisation globally.

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