Young Chemists Forum

Our advocacy work with youth organisations

The Young Chemists Forum (JCF) of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) consist of mostly student members of the GDCh. Here young chemists coordinate and organize their interests and activities within 54 regional forums of the 60 GDCh local sections. The regional forums organise a wide range of events, from high-profile lectures to seminars, introductory events, job fairs, experiments for young and old to conferences lasting several days.[1] The JCF ist an official partner organisation of the ISC3.

From regional to international level

Not only in Germany the ISC3 supports advocacy activities. In the past, cooperation partners have been, the UNEP Major Group of Children and Youth (UN MGCY) as well as the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) in the future.

The ISC3 kick-started the cooperation already in 2020, whereas the formal cooperation via a Letter of Intent officially started in 2021. Thereby both organisations pointed out the relevance of working together towards a transformation of the chemical sector by making so far underrepresented voices more heard around the world and especially in the global south.

Spring Symposium

In 2022 the ISC3 attended Spring Symposium (“Frühjahrssymposium") of the Young Chemists Forum by discussing current concepts of Sustainable Chemistry. The Spring Symposium is one of Europe's biggest scientific conferences for young scientists and took place in the Leibniz University and the city of Hannover under the motto: Communicating the Future. Together with young chemists from the global north and the global south, we exchanged our ideas among an interdisciplinary audience on the diverse concepts of Sustainable Chemistry and beyond.[2]

 A cup showing the anniversary logo of the young chemists forum in front of a lecture hall during a presentation by ISC3


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