ISC3 Sustainable Chemistry Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring Programmes for our Start-ups

The ISC3 Sustainable Chemistry Mentoring Programmes are unique mentoring programmes developed specifically for international Sustainable Chemistry start-ups. Our goal is to help innovators advance in their sustainability and business endeavors by connecting them to our invaluable network of mentors and industry experts. The programmes offer tailored support as well as guidance to help participants develop both technical and soft skills in desired fields.

two women and two men smiling in the camera arm in arm
Our mentors Samuel Opoku, Sebastián Diaz and Michele da Silva-Wagner with Katerin Carillo (founder of Natupla, second from right) at the ACHEMA 2022.

For whom?

Our initiative is designed for all startups:

  • in Sustainable Chemistry
  • onboarded in the ISC3 Global Start-up Service
  • eligible for the Customised Support of the Global Start-up Service

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