Spotlight: Innovation & Sustainable Chemistry

Session 5: Promoting innovation in Sustainable Chemistry across Start-ups and SMEs in the Ghanaian E-waste Sector


During Session 5 of the ISC3 SPOTLIGHTS event series, a roundtable discussion was held on promoting innovation in Sustainable Chemistry for start-ups and SMEs in the Ghanaian E-waste sector. The objective was to highlight actions being taken to promote and implement Sustainable Chemistry and solutions for E-waste across different stakeholders, including policymakers, entrepreneurs, and academia. The event sought to foster a common understanding of Sustainable Chemistry and E-waste and showcase local and international innovations that support the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

The roundtable included Jeffrey Adongo from Electro Recycling Ghana, Sam Adu-Kumi from Envirohealth Consult Ltd, Agudor Agabas from AppCyclers, Isaac Asomani from Wangara Green Ventures, Lydia Essuah from the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Anurag Gupta and Dea Wehrli from E[co]work, and was moderated by Samuel Opoku from Start.Up Lounge Africa. Participants had the opportunity to learn from experts from different stakeholder groups and participate in the discussion.

The discussion brought attention to the role of Sustainable Chemistry in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and supported the collaborative development of the regional innovation ecosystem while creating an international base for companies with an orientation towards Sustainable Chemistry.

Recorded Live Session

The Speakers:

Jeffrey Adongo
Jeffrey AdongoInnovations Manager
Electro Recycling Ghana
Sam Adu-KumiExecutive Director
Environhealth Consult Ltd
Agudor Agabas
Agudor AgabasFounder
Isaac Asomani
Isaac AsomaniInvestment Mng.
Wangara Green Ventures
Lydia Essuah
Lydia EssuahPPME @
Anurag Gupta
Anurag GuptaDeputy General Manager
Dea Wehrli
Dea WehrliCo-Founder and board of management
Samuel Opoku
Samuel OpokuModerator
Founding Partner
Start.Up Lounge Africa

Participating Partner:

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