Spotlight: Renewable Energy & Sustainable Chemistry

Renewable PtX Executive Training and PtX products relevant to the chemical sector


The second SPOTLIGHT about Renewable Energy and Sustainable Chemistry aimed at spreading knowledge about renewable Power-to-X (PtX) and its potential for the chemical industry. The PtX Hub (implemented by GIZ) partnered with ISC3 to host a session with Prof Dr Christoph Menke (Trier University of Applied Sciences) and Sonia Rueda (PtX Hub) as speakers.

Prof Dr Christoph Menke provided a crash course on renewable PtX. He explained its production process, and discussed PtX infrastructure, economics, and sustainability in reference to the EESG framework. He emphasized that to ensure sustainability, all four areas, namely, environment, economic, social, and governance, must be taken into account. His presentation highlighted the challenge of developing a hydrogen and PtX market and stressed the need to identify effective use cases for green hydrogen and PtX, as renewables alone cannot fully replace current fossil fuel demand. However, this poses a dilemma that requires both the acceleration of green hydrogen production and the development of a corresponding market.

Sonia Rueda presented “Sustainable Chemistry and Power-to-X: Correlations for truly sustainable technologies“ and provided insight on the applications of renewable PtX products in the chemical sector. The key takeaway was that PtX can reduce emissions in the chemical sector and promote sustainability across the value chain, as sustainability triggers a cascade effect.

In the light of the upcoming ICCM5 in Bonn in September 2023, ISC3 and PtX Hub are preparing a new additional training module on Sustainable Chemistry and PtX to create awareness and enable participants to identify opportunities for PtX in their respective national contexts.

Recorded Live Session

The Speakers:

Oleg Ditkovskiy
FT Manager
Christoph Menke
Prof. Dr.
Christoph Menke
Hochschule Trier
Sonia Rueda
PtX Hub - GIZ

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Ptx Hub

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