Spotlight: Renewable Energy & Sustainable Chemistry

Workshop: Renewable Energy and Circular Economy


Experts from Moroccan ministries, research institutes and NGOs met in a workshop on “Renewable Energy and Circular Economy” held in Rabat on Thursday 11 May 2023. The workshop was enriched by international experts. Discussions revolved around the life cycle of renewable energy systems and lithium-ion batteries. The main topics included the current state of the industry, the challenges it faces, possible solutions and the necessary next steps.

From a European perspective, several key insights were shared, providing valuable input on existing regulations and best practices. The recycling association provided insights into the informal sector and emphasised its importance to the process.

Three main areas were identified that need further elaboration: Legislation and regulation, research and development, and financial aspects. It was agreed that these areas are crucial for the development and success of renewable energy systems and lithium-ion battery recycling.

Potential opportunities were identified, with leasing business models and collective schemes highlighted as particularly promising. The need for specific regulation in these areas was highlighted and it was noted that Morocco is likely to face challenges in these sectors over the next five to ten years. However, it was also recognised that this represents an opportunity for shaping future regulations and creating new jobs.

The establishment of research facilities that specifically deal with the recycling of photovoltaic systems, wind rotor blades and lithium-ion batteries was discussed, acknowledging that this could be a future requirement.

Collaboration was highlighted as an essential element for success, with several partnership activities mentioned. The importance of training and the potential role of start-ups were also highlighted. It was suggested that consultants be engaged to support the process and the steps suggested were considered feasible.

The session ended with the understanding that the next steps are not just a distant vision, but tasks to be done immediately. Participants were encouraged to approach the organisers for assist with implementation, whether in the form of advice, setting up processes or general and training support.

A high level of commitment and motivation was noted among the participants and the meeting was described as productive and stimulating.

The Speakers:

Dorota Bartkowiak
Research coordinator
ISC3 / Leuphana
Claudio Cinquemani
Director Science & Innovation
Aleksander Jandric
Solving the E-waste Problem Initiative

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