Opening Ceremony of the MSc Sustainable Chemistry & MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management at Leuphana Professional School

On 17 March, 2022 we celebrated in an Opening Ceremony the start of the next cohort of outstanding students at Leuphana Professional School.

scientists in a group holding a molecular model

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer, Director of the ISC3 Research and Education Hub and Programme Director of the M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry and MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management, Leuphana University held the opening remarks. Furthermore, we were happy for the welcoming remarks of Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden, Dean of the Faculty of Sustainability, Leuphana University, and Ingo Auhagen, Professional School, Leuphana University. We are very grateful for the key note of Tosin George, Co-Founder of Shobab Energy, who provided the entrepreneurial perspective on sustainable chemistry and highlighted the need for extra-occupational study programmes like the M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry and MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management.

The students from different regions, with different chemistry-related backgrounds and professional experiences have started the first module, which gives an introduction to concepts of sustainable chemistry.

ISC3 and Leuphana have jointly designed the world’s first Professional Master in Sustainable Chemistry Management

The world's first professional master's programme MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany has started on 14 March 2022 at Leuphana Professional School. The interdisciplinary and internationally-oriented master's programme was jointly designed by the ISC3 (International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre), the Institute of Sustainable Chemistry and the Centre for Sustainability Management of Leuphana University. The programme aims at integrating transformative management practices of sustainable chemistry in the student’s field of profession and enables the students to become a leading actor in reshaping our socio-economy to the requirements of sustainability. The MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management is ideal for international professionals from all sectors and all academic backgrounds who desire to incorporate unique management expertise for the practice.

The MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management provides comprehensive training for sustainability-oriented management in various sectors connected to the chemical enterprise. The curriculum teaches how to integrate transformative management practices of sustainable chemistry in your field of profession in order to reshape our socio-economy to the requirements of sustainability. The curriculum includes concepts and approaches of green chemistry and sustainable chemistry, principles and conditions for sustainability management, sustainability assessment, ethics and leadership, innovation management, international policy frameworks for chemicals and waste management, regulations for chemical safety in products and supply chains, strategies for implementing product and resource circularity, strategic planning for climate neutrality.

Professional development in the field of sustainable chemistry

The new MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management complements the range of study programmes related to sustainable chemistry at Leuphana Professional School. The M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry is now available for two years and the third cohort has started in March.

By providing a systems thinking perspective for the practice of chemistry the M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry addresses multiple aspects of sustainable development such as global resource and product flows, the interface of chemistry, renewable energies and climate change, international policies for chemicals management and pollution prevention, alternative business models for chemical products and tools for assessing sustainability. Extending much beyond the lens of green chemistry, it provides essential expertise for the chemical profession to operate in alignment with the Agenda 2030 in various sectors and thus facilitates action towards achieving multiple SDGs. The M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry is designed for professionals with a background in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental engineering, pharmacy, or related fields who wish to acquire a further qualification in the field of sustainability in chemistry.

Selected modules of the M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry are offered in the certificate courses Benign by Design and Regulatory Affairs. In contrast to the Masters programme, no work experience is needed for admission.

Modules of the M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry are now available in the new certificate programme Professional School Individuale. This new certificate programme allows students to choose the modules from the wide range of programmes available at Leuphana Professional School that they are most interested in. However, it is also possible to attend single or several modules with examination so that credit points can be acquired and credited to a Bachelor's or Master's programme or without examination to receive a certificate of participation. Admission requirements are a general higher education entrance qualification or three years of vocational training and three years of professional activity. More information can be found here.

Application deadline and further information

Both professional master's programmes start annually in March with up to 25 students.

The next cohort starts in March 2023. Applications can be submitted until 10 December, 2022. For further information on the study programmes, application and admission, please visit the Info Day on Saturday, 2 July, 2022.
More information on the Info day can be found here.