ISC3 promotes Sustainable Chemistry at the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering

The European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) brings together start-ups and founders with investors and decision-makers from the chemical industry. At the 3rd ECP on 26. February 2019 in Frankfurt more than 800 participants came together to discuss new business ideas in the chemical sector. As a double diamond sponsor of the event, the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) raised awareness for the great potentials of sustainable chemistry.

The 3rd ECP in 2019 brought together investors, decision makers and start-ups from more than 40 nations. The networking event enabled founders and start-ups to get in touch with a wide range of investors and the big corporations from the chemical sector. Through networking and dialogue, the interdisciplinary event helps to leverage innovative ideas in chemistry, industrial biotechnology, digitization and nanotechnology. Technologies and innovations were presented in over 100 pitches.

ISC3 and ECP join forces to promote Sustainable Chemistry Innovation

As a promotor of sustainable innovation in the chemical sector, the ISC3 introduced the participants to its Global Start-up Service, a new unique service programme which provides customized international support for start-ups working in the field of sustainable chemistry. Dr. Alexis Bazzanella, Co-Director of the ISC3 Innovation Hub, highlighted the transformative power of sustainable chemistry innovation during the ISC3 Start-up Workshop at the ECP, “Sustainable Chemistry is not only a key solution provider for a sustainable future and a problem solver for climate change and the plastics pollution, sustainable innovations in chemistry will be the business model of the future, enabling circularity and a climate-resilient society.”

Friedrich Barth, Managing Director of ISC3 and Dr. Holger Bengs, Organizer of the ECP, agreed upon further collaboration to bring together start-ups and investors in the field of sustainable chemistry. ISC3 and ECP announced to work together as partners to connect innovators with investors internationally. “We need new solutions from the chemical sector and therefore we need new business models. For this reason, ECP and ISC3 will bring the different players together”, said Friedrich Barth.