Biocide Leasing

Biocide Leasing

A triple-win business model for Sustainable Chemistry

The Capacity Development approach of ISC3

Biocides are a group of chemicals used in amultitude of industrial and daily life applications.They are essential and generate advantages:they help to fulfil hygiene requirements andprotect the health of humans and animals andare also used in industrial processes.

Solution for a more efficient use of biocides: Chemical Leasing

The innovative business model Chemical Leasingcan be a solution to the problem of overcon‑sumption. When we apply it to biocides, we could call this model “Biocide Leasing”.

The main advantage of this business model is that it turns the volume of used biocides from an earning factor (“the more you sell the more you earn”) into a cost driver for the supplier. In Biocide Leasing, the supplier hasa commercial interest in using only thoseamounts of biocides that are really necessary forhygiene purposes.

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