Fifth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5)

Fifth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5)

The 5th session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5), organised by UNEP and hosted by the government of Germany who holds the presidency of this fifth session of the Conference, will take place from 25 to 29 September 2023 at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) with a High-Level Segment (HLS) on 28 and 29 September 2023.

Welcome to ICCM5, where international stakeholders will convene to decide on the policy framework governing chemicals and waste management.

The conference's structure is designed to explore critical intersections within the chemicals and waste field, with each day centering on distinct themes:

🌦️ Day 1, 25.09.2023: Addressing the Nexus of Climate, Biodiversity, and Agriculture

👷 Day 2, 26.09.2023: Exploring the Crossroads of Health and Labor

📚 Day 3, 27.09.2023: Emphasizing Human Rights, Science, and Education

💰 Day 4, 28.09.2023: Analysing Economics, Value Chains, and Innovation

In addition to the conference's official agenda, the German ICCM5 Presidency has organised the German Pavilion. This exhibit will offer a comprehensive overview of Germany's involvement in the global chemicals and waste agenda. We are proud to be part of it and strongly recommend visiting the German Pavilion.

We at ISC3 are both honored and thrilled to contribute to the event's agenda.

Exhibition Space 25 - 29 September

We invite you to visit us at booth 15 within the exhibition area, where you can engage with our experts and explore the latest developments in our field.

While we're happy to discuss all topics related to Sustainable Chemistry, our primary focus at the exhibition will be on our Capacity Building activities and training programs.

Our team is eager to engage with you and provide detailed insights into how our capacity building initiatives and training programs can empower individuals and organisations in the field of Sustainable Chemistry.Please visit our booth to explore the opportunities for skill development and knowledge enhancement that we have to offer.

Already curious? Learn more about our academic education and capacity building. We look forward to connecting with you!

ISC3 Investor Forum 28 September 09:00am - 08:00pm

Our annual Investor Forum on the 28th will provide an all- day platform for ground-breaking Start-up pitches. These presentations will showcase innovation's role in propelling progress, as emerging entrepreneurs share their creative contributions. The Innovation Challenge will reveal which initiative claims victory, adding an element of suspense to the proceedings.

Registration and further information can be found at Investor Forum

Pathways toward a Sustainable and Climate-friendly Production and Use of Chemicals 25th September 1.15 pm - 2.45 pm

In the framework of UNEP’s side event program of the ICCM5, CAPCI will present the main learning experiences on capacity building on the chemistry-climate change nexus and South-South exchange between partner countries. It will address the linkages between sound chemicals management and climate change in the light of learning experiences from international cooperation activities with selected developing countries and emerging economies. For these countries, the implementation of effective and coherent chemicals management and climate change policies is a particular challenge that requires, among others, adequate human and institutional capacities. Examples of stakeholder dialogues and action-oriented roadmaps resulting from capacity building of key stakeholders in partner countries (Argentina, Ghana and Thailand) will be presented.

Building Capacity for Climate Action in Chemical Value Chains in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies 27th September: 1.15 pm - 2.00 pm, German Pavillon

This side event will be organised in the German Pavillon at the ICCM5 by the IKI project CAPCI in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana (EPA), the ISC3 and the IKI project Power-to-X Hub. It will present training concepts for climate protection, renewable energies, green hydrogen and carbon capture utilisation in the chemical industry and share lessons learnt from Capacity Building measures in developing countries and economies in transition. The focus lies on the exchange on best practices for demand-oriented formats of knowledge sharing and training on Sustainable Chemistry and climate change.

UNEP side event: Building the Future: Chemicals and Innovation in Construction and Electronics 28th September: 6.15 pm - 7.45 pm

Buildings, and the materials they are constructed from, contain a host of different chemicals that provide unique properties (flame retardancy, insulation, water repellence), but some are hazardous that pose concerns for people and planet. Experiences and lessons from the GEF-funded SAICM project on chemicals in building materials (GEF ID 9771) and UNEP’s work on green and sustainable chemistry innovation in the construction sector will be presented. These perspectives will inform the new UNEP-led and GEF-funded Integrated Programme (IP) on “Eliminating Hazardous Chemicals from Supply Chains”. ISC3’s publications and trainings will also be presented.ISC3 will moderate the session and present our studies and trainings on the topic of sustainable construction. Startups from ISC3's startup-service will take part in the panel discussion.

Building the Future: Chemicals and Innovation in Construction and Electronics background note

More information on the UNEP website.

First-Ever Youth Forum on Chemicals Governance Planned during ICCM5 in Bonn 27th September 2023 (all day event)

A one-day Youth Forum organised by Chemicals and Waste Youth Platform (CWYP), a self-organised constituency of the Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY), will be hosted in Bonn (Germany) at the eagerly anticipated Fifth Session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5). Sessions will include four thematic panel presentations, a moderated intergenerational dialogue between youth and key decision-makers, and the official launch of the “Global Youth Declaration on Chemicals and Waste.”The Youth Forum at ICCM5 will mark a historic moment for the UN and governments to hear directly from children and young people about their needs and priorities for the future of chemicals governance. Young people want to see targeted policies and programmes developed that will specifically address youth/children’s environmental health, rights, and justice in the context of chemical exposures, monitoring and risk assessments. Come join us at the Youth Forum!

Civil Society Conference 22nd September: 3 pm – joint dinner

Can’t wait till ICCM5 starts?Prep-meetings will start the week before. Please note that there will be an exciting additional event, giving a platform and voice to NGOs: the group of German Civil society organisations (SCO) will host a half-day Civil Society Conference in Bonn on 22 September. The event will include a high-level panel discussion open for CSOs, delegates, media, etc. followed by a workshop and an interactive discussion session for CSOs only. The CSO part offers additional opportunities to exchange and shape our positions and ideas before the negotiations will start.You all are warmly invited to join in and be part of this event! Join in, make this event an additional booster for the then upcoming week of negotiation and support our collective fight for an ambitious SAICM-Beyond-2020-Framework. The Civil Society Conference will take place in the rooms of the Federal Ministry for the Environment in Bonn.
Further information: Civil Society Conference in preparation for the World Chemicals Conference (ICCM5)

Mark your calendars, share the news, and prepare for an immersive experience of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and forward-looking insights. Let's collectively shape the future of chemicals management, paving the way for a safer and more sustainable world.

For further information and to register at the ICCM5, please visit: SAICM