Investor Forum

Investor Forum

Fostering Investment in Sustainable Chemistry Innovations

The annual ISC3 Investor Forum (IF) unites founders, investors, scientists and decision-makers from industry and politics in a discussion on the role of financing mechanisms to secure the innovation pipeline, and the very specific dynamics of the Sustainable Chemistry innovation eco-system. ISC3 IF panel discussions are matched by pitching sessions and innovation showcases of cutting-edge entrepreneurs, as well as speed dating and networking opportunities with international investors. The Investor Forum also hosts the award ceremony and presentations of the finalists of the global ISC3 Innovation Challenge.

The upcoming ISC3 Investor Forum 2023 will take place in the week of September 25-29, 2023.
The exact date is to be determined and will be announced here and in our Event Calendar.

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Investor Forum 2022

ISC3 has hosted its virtual 4th Investor Forum on November 9th and November 10th, 2022, from 15:30 to approx. 19:00 CET. This year, we focussed on “ESGs, what you can’t measure, you can’t change: Towards Common Metrics of Sustainable Value Creation”, on “Waste management, regulatory aspects, and the financial framework for Sustainable Chemistry innovations in West Africa”, and -of course- on awarding the winners of our ISC3 Innovation Challenge 2022 with focus on Sustainable Chemistry and Waste: Prevention, Management & Valorisation solutions.

Panel 1, November 9th: ESGs, what you can’t measure, you can’t change: Towards Common Metrics of Sustainable Value Creation

Our first panel session adressed the importance of sustainable investment, what role does Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholder capitalism and ESG concepts play in today’s investment landscape. What monetary value do they bring to the table? Which ESG criteria are important when investing in startups? What are the challenges related to ESG evaluation and how does it look for investors investing in global south countries?

Panel 2, November 10th: Financial and Regulatory Framework for Sustainable Chemistry Innovations in West Africa

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is considered as one of the pillar regional blocs of the continent-wide African Economic Community (AEC). ECOWAS actions has realized that economic purposes cannot be sustained without considering environmental concerns. These developments gave rise to the West African Community Environmental Law (CEL), which is currently under a process of development and progress. Our panel session focussed on the regulation of finance and chemicals which are fundamental pillars of this development and need to direct investments in sustainable technologies which are needed for a transformative environmental development.

For more information on what happened during the ISC3 Investor Forum 2022 and who the winners of this year's Innovation Challenge are, be welcome to read our corresponding Press Release in our News section.

For a quick overview, you can have a glance at our agenda.

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