Open Labs Brazil 2021

ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Factsheet “Sharing Economy for Sustainable Chemistry"

Here's the Factsheet on "Sharing Economy for Sustainable Chemistry" to show how we introduced a system for faster, easier and affordable access to lab infrastructure and services in Brazil.

Download pdf.


New platform

Dear Changemakers,

On December 1st, 2021 the Open Labs Brazil project pilot consortium announced the launch of the SENAI CETIQT bioeconomy platform and three lab research scaling and boosting start-up solutions at the nexus of digitalization and chemistry.

To assist this third OLB workshop session, please tune in here:

To learn about the results of the upcoming acceleration period for the top four winning start-ups of the recently finished OLB contest, please stay tuned until spring 2022.

Season’s greetings and happy end of the year holidays to all of you!

Your OLB consortium Partners  

Application Time Extended!

Ideas-Competition for Sustainable Chemistry Start-ups in Brazil: Access labs and equipment to advance your business idea or model


Dear Brazilian Start-Ups,

we just extended our Open Labs Brazil ideas competition submission deadline for innovative business ideas from the field of sustainable chemistry to July 27th, 2021 at 23:59:59 CEST.

Win a travel grant of EUR 2000/ approx.. 11.700 BRL and 1-2 months lab access!

ISC3 travel grant: The four winners will receive a 2,000 EUR ISC3 travel grant / approx. BRL 11,700 for travel and accommodation in Rio de Janeiro!!

Go for it!


More information can be found below.

Ideas-Competition for Start-Ups based in Brazil

Ideas-Competition for Sustainable Chemistry Start-ups in Brazil: Access labs and equipment to advance your business idea or model

By developing new materials, products, processes and business models, Green and Sustainable Chemistry innovators play a key role in enabling a sustainable future and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Access to scientific equipment, lab space, and services is crucial to advance new business ideas and models and bring sustainable chemistry innovations to market. At the same time, availability of these spaces and equipment is often scarce and develops into a bottleneck for many innovative and entrepreneurial scientists.

To cope with this challenge, the SENAI Institute of Innovation in Green Chemistry, the SENAI Institute of Innovation of Biosynthetics and Fibers from SENAI CETIQT, the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) and the London-based company Clustermarket have joined forces and launched an Ideas Competition for Start-Ups based in Brazil.

The “Open Labs Brazil” aims to engage and support Sustainable Chemistry innovators in Brazil granting them access to scientific infrastructure and technical support offered by all project partners.

Applications are open from April 1st, 2021 until July 27th, 2021
Eligible Regions | Cities: All Brazil


The Competition is open to all start-ups from the Sustainable Chemistry space who are active within any of the following thematic areas:

  • industrial biotechnology
  • fibre synthesis, modification, and functionalization
  • physical, chemical, and biotechnological conversion of biomass
  • process development and scale-up
  • molecular biology; analytical chemistry
  • and synthesis (Chemistry)

Its focus lies on Sustainable Chemistry ideators, early-stage innovators and entrepreneurs operating in the chemistry space with the potential to solve pressing challenges for sustainable and inclusive development and/or to contribute to greening value chains or making them more sustainable. Start-ups operating in this chemistry space include the following sectors:

  • manufacturing chemicals/chemical products,
  • using chemicals/chemical products for own products and services,
  • providing solutions or services impacting the use of chemicals/chemical products across sectors and supply chains,
  • providing technical innovation for chemicals/chemical product manufacturing or use
  • new materials/products from renewable sources


Eligible participants

Eligible are all innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups developing sustainable chemistry solutions. Start-ups participating in this call shall have a staff headcount not exceeding 50 (full time equivalent), an annual turnover of max. 4 million Euro, and with a history of up to six years since foundation. Start-ups majority-owned by large enterprises are not eligible for the award, except for innovations leading to the creation of independent spin-offs.

Proposals submitted by innovators tackling social and environmental challenges are considered as particularly important. Female entrepreneurs are specifically encouraged to submit a proposal.


Submission of proposals

Submissions require applicants to completely fill out an online template which asks for a brief description of the innovation, the business idea and perspectives, and the interest or relationship with sustainability. The application form can be found at
In the frame of the “Open Labs Brazil” Pilot, all participating innovators are required to provide a link to a video pitch of their business idea that shall not exceed 2 mins.
Pitch videos are supposed to be sent to innovation© in an mp3/mp4 or other common video format, or should be -even better- directly uploaded by applicants to social media and or a streaming platform, such as YouTube (remember to check the publish option after upload in order to make the video publicly available). The respective mp3 or mp4, or other common video file format (.avi) and/or a link to the pitch video is then expected together with the application. The video URL should be inserted at question 3 within the official application form for this contest. 


Selection Criteria

All proposals will be assessed against the three main criteria:

  • Sustainability. What is the sustainability impact of the innovation?
  • Innovation level. Is the innovation unique, distinct, and truly original in your local context?
  • Business potential. What is the market potential of the innovation?

What to expect? What is the “Award” for Winners?

All accepted applicants:

  • Will be enabled to access ISC3 LEVEL-1 General Support, including access to the ISC3 Online Library and Sustainable Chemistry Toolbox, as well as a closed community of international SC start-ups (LinkedIn) for peer-to-peer support.

Ten finalists will receive:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Chemistry (Workshop on Sustainability Assessment)
  • Visibility: promotion of your innovation via ISC3/SENAI communication channels

Four Winners will receive:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Chemistry (Workshop on Sustainability Assessment)
  • Tailored support: 1:1 expert consultation Sustainability Assessment
  • Visibility: Promotion of your innovation via ISC3/SENAI communication channels
  • Resource prize: The winner of the start-up ideas competition will receive a service prize of 1-2 months acceleration period and sign a contract with SENAI on lab access, principal investigator support and supervision at one of the SENAI Institutes in RJ/Brazil, including use of equipment and lab facilities to run research and experiments needed to develop the start-up’s innovation. Exact scope of support will be defined based on the type and requirements of the winning business solution, the support shall comply with the availability of equipment and experts within the chosen timeframe. The granted hours and services can be used at any time within 1 year.
  • ISC3 travel grant: The four winning start-ups will receive a 2,000 EUR ISC3 travel grant / approx. BRL 11,700 for travel and accommodation in Rio de Janeiro


New deadline for submission: July 27th, 2021; 23:59:59 CET
Announcement of Winners: After August 10th, 2021