ISC3 hosts New Plastics Economy Investor Forum in partnership with Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation and Think Beyond Plastic

ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

The first New Plastics Economy Investor Forum took place on 7. December 2018 in Frankfurt at DECHEMA, home of the ISC3 Innovation Hub. Dedicated to building up the circular economy for plastics, the Investor Forum welcomed over 120 international investors, innovators and industry representatives.

During the course of the event, attendees took part in networking activities and listened to inspiring start-up pitches and discussion panels centred on advancing new business models, designs and technologies that keep plastics in the economy and prevent them from becoming waste. A highlight of the event were innovation showcases, during which 32 start-ups introduced their ideas in the areas of new product delivery models, sustainable chemistry and new materials for circular economy in front of top-tier investors.

The Investor Forum has been organized by the circular economy platform Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the innovation accelerator Think Beyond Plastic and the ISC3 at DECHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was the first of its kind organised by the ISC3 Innovation Hub in the frames of its ISC3 Global Start-up Service. The newly launched Service targets innovators along the entire innovation chain and accompanies them on the journey from discovering an innovation to creating marketable value and expanding their business. The service will provide both general and customised support to innovators and promote sustainable chemistry entrepreneurs through events such as the Investor Forum.

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