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Tradewater - „Reducing the world’s carbon footprint”

Reducing carbon footprint is one of the most important goals on governmental, industrial, and individual level to tackle the climate crisis and its…

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Cryosmetics – Caring for healthy skin and the environment

Uruguay-based start-up Cryosmetics develops all-natural skincare products that are free of any synthetic chemicals in order to promote skin health…

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Shobab Energy – Towards the sustainable electrification of Sub-Saharan Africa

The Nigeria-based start-up Shobab Energy has engaged in addressing the lack of access to electricity that has long plagued Sub-Saharan Africa. This is…

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Sascha Gabizon: "It’s generally a problem of course in gender studies that women’s roles are invisible."

Ms. Sascha Gabizon is the international executive director of Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) and long-time Co-Facilitator of the Women's…

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Renewable PtX as a building block for sustainable chemistry in Uruguay - ISC3 and PtX Hub make the connection

Tackling climate change and defossilising industries means thinking out of the box and in a holistic manner. A part of this can be the linking of…

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Application for M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry and MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management

By providing a systems thinking perspective for the practice of chemistry the M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry addresses multiple aspects of sustainable…

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