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Accelerators Meetup!

The “Accelerators Meetup” was the fifth session in our series of virtual talks: “Sustainable Chemistry for Sustainable Development in LATAM,…

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Paraexcel – Fighting post-harvest loss with edible coatings

Paraexcel Global Ltd., a Nigeria-based start-up, has developed edible coating for fruits, vegetables, and tubers to extend their shelf life and thus…

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7th Summer School on Sustainable Chemistry for Sustainable Development - Focus Topic: Sustainable Chemistry and Agriculture

This year's Summer School will take place 12 - 16 July 2021. At this Summer School the Research & Education Hub will take a closer look on agriculture

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Chemical Leasing Award - ISC3 member of Jury

The concept of Chemical Leasing was developed in 2004 by UNIDO to further a more efficient use of chemicals in production processes, changing the…

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Launch of “Open Labs Brazil” - Ideas Competition for Start-Ups based in Brazil

April 6th, 2021, Rio de Janeiro - The SENAI Institute of Innovation in Green Chemistry, the SENAI Institute of Innovation of Biosynthetics and Fibers…

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COKOON Dip Technology – New technology and business model towards sustainability in the tire industry

Establishing new standards to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is a huge challenge for industry and business, as the companies mostly…

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Ideas-Competition for Sustainable Chemistry Start-ups in Brazil

Ideas-Competition for Sustainable Chemistry Start-ups in Brazil: Access labs and equipment to advance your business idea or model

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