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MATSEN CHEMIE AG - Setting up a business completely focused on sustainability

The German start-up MATSEN CHEMIE AG is specialized in environmental friendly chemical distribution, focusing on products made from renewable raw…

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2nd Investor Forum: Catalysing Innovation through Investments in Sustainable Chemistry

The second edition of the Investor Forum, 21 – 23 October 2020, organised by the ISC3 and Think Beyond Innovation Accelerator™, explores how…

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REVY Environmental Solutions helps provide clean water, sanitation, and clean energy to Indian communities

The Gujarat-based Indian start-up REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. specialises in producing bio-methane via anaerobic digestion processes and…

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2nd ISC3 Stakeholder Forum – virtual event

The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) will host its second Stakeholder Forum on 23-24 November 2020. Due to the ongoing…

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The Jordan start-up AKYAS invented toilets as biodegradable sanitizer kits

The Jordan-based start-up company AKYAS develops innovations for toilet solutions. One of their inventions is a toilet in the form of a 100%…

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Professor Dr. Dr. Vania Zuin: "What is considered good enough for women in science?"

Professor Vania Zuin holds two PhDs, one in Analytical Chemistry and a second in Education. She is a professor at the Federal University of São Carlos…

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The Austrian start-up Acticell is developing innovative, environmentally-friendly processes for denim fabrics.

The Austrian start-up Acticell develops sustainable chemical solutions for industrial textile pre-treatments and bleaching processes. With their…

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