Application for M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry and MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management

ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

By providing a systems thinking perspective for the practice of chemistry the M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry addresses multiple aspects of sustainable development such as global resource and product flows, the interface of chemistry, renewable energies and climate change, international policies for chemicals management and pollution prevention, alternative business models for chemical products and tools for assessing sustainability. Extending much beyond the lens of green chemistry, it provides essential expertise for the chemical profession to operate in alignment with the Agenda 2030 in various sectors and thus facilitates action towards achieving multiple SDGs.

Application for M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry and MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management at Leuphana Professional School extended until 31 January, 2022.

The MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management provides comprehensive training for sustainability-oriented management in various sectors connected to the chemical enterprise. The curriculum teaches how to integrate transformative management practices of sustainable chemistry in your field of profession in order to reshape our socio-economy to the requirements of sustainability. The curriculum includes concepts and approaches of green chemistry and sustainable chemistry, principles and conditions for sustainability management, sustainability assessment, ethics and leadership, innovation management, international policy frameworks for chemicals and waste management, regulations for chemical safety in products and supply chains, strategies for implementing product and resource circularity, strategic planning for climate neutrality.

Find out more on the study programmes’ websites ( and and apply for the programmes by 31 January, 2022.

If you have further questions regarding application and admission, please visit the Info Day on Saturday, 15th January 2022. After a general introduction, there will be the possibility to book individual consultation slots for a "Quick Check Application". More information and registration are here