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ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Who we are

The ISC3 is an international centre promoting and developing sustainable chemistry solutions worldwide. Chemistry is facing the biggest challenge in its history: Basically, it has to reinvent itself in order to progress towards sustainable chemistry and a circular economy. This implies new business opportunities, jobs, and a key contribution to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The ISC3 is a globally acting institution, multi-stakeholder platform and think tank. more

ISC3 promotes start-ups and sustainable innovation

Innovations in Sustainable Chemistry offer solutions that touch every part of our daily lives – and can solve global challenges. With its Global Start-up Service, the ISC3 supports ideators and start-ups with a wide range of services to successfully realize their ideas and business models.

ESy-Labs – Electrifying chemical synthesis

The Germany-based start-up ESy-Labs GmbH is using electrosynthesis as a platform for the synthesis of chemical compounds. The direct use of electricity for the conversion of both organic and inorganic chemicals allows for an innovative and resource-friendly approach to the production of these resources. By diving deep in this field, ESy-Labs has been able to bridge the gap between academic research to industrial application by obtaining unique optimized processes that uphold some of the key concepts of sustainable chemistry. Read more...

Global Sustainable Chemistry Week

The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) will host its 1st Global Sustainable Chemistry Week on November 8-12, 2021. Do you want to host your own event as part of the 1st Global Sustainable Chemistry Week or be involved in planned events, please contact us. You are invited to contribute to the Global Week’s program and shape the discussion with your expertise and insights. Open time slots are still available. Learn more here.

The ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energies - Call for Applications

The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) launched the call for applications for the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energies. The ISC3 Innovation Challenge 2020/2021 addresses innovators from around the world which are active in developing sustainable chemistry solutions linked to renewable energies. [more]

Women in Sustainable Chemistry: "What is considered good enough for women in science?"

Professor Vania Zuin has two doctorates, one in Analytical Chemistry and one in Education. In this interview, she describes from an insider's perspective the situation of women in her research field and their great potential to advance and diversify sustainable chemistry. more

ISC3 Global Start-up Service

The ISC3 Innovation Hub has launched the Global Start-up Service, the world’s first programme providing holistic support to Sustainable Chemistry innovators globally. The service is aimed at entrepreneurs along the entire innovation chain: ideators, early-stage innovators and advanced entrepreneurs who have the potential to solve the most urgent challenges in a sustainable and inclusive way. more