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ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Who we are

ISC3 is a new independent, international institution promoting and developing sustainable chemistry solutions worldwide. Chemistry is facing the biggest challenge in its history: Basically, it has to reinvent itself in order to progress towards sustainable chemistry and a circular economy. This implies new business opportunities, new jobs, and a key contribution to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The ISC3 is committed to shape this transformation in cooperation with all stakeholders.

ISC3 is a globally acting institution, multi-stakeholder platform and think tank. It manages a knowledge platform and a network of experts, offers training and support for implementation especially for developing countries, carries out innovation scouting activities to discover new technologies, processes and business models. It is a partner for industry and politics as well as for the civil society and research and connects different stakeholders in order to jointly develop new solutions for climate protection, energy generation, mobility and food supply. more

Sustainable Chemistry

Sustainable Chemistry is a process that leads to a sustainable society with regard to product design, manufacturing, consumption of resources, health and safety at work, economic success and technical innovation – not only in industrialized nations but in emerging and developing countries too. Sustainable Chemistry thus extends far beyond the application of ecological principles in chemical production.

Sustainable Chemistry shall help to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN Assembly in September, 2015. The SDGs map out the course until 2030 taking the most relevant challenges for the planet into account, like the world’s growing population, access to energy, resources and healthcare, whilst at the same time ecosystems and climate need to be protected. A sustainable chemical industry plays a crucial role along the path to solve these problems. more



What we stand for

Sustainable Chemistry aims to establish a new system thinking based on a circular approach and focusing on the entire life cycle of products and processes. It promotes the use of environmentally and socially friendly alternatives and supports economic innovation.

ISC3 wants to shape the transformation of the chemical sector towards sustainable chemistry and thus contributing to a more sustainable world and a circular economy. more

Dialogue Process: Thriving towards a Common Understanding of Sustainable Chemistry

The ISC3 seeks to initiate a dialogue process towards a common understanding of sustainable chemistry. With our thought-starter “Thriving towards a Common Understanding of Sustainable Chemistry” we invite you to voice expectations, contribute ideas and raise concerns on the emerging concept.