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ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Expert Workshops to frame the ISC3 Workstream Sustainable Building and Living

The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) is organising a series of international expert workshops within its workstream Sustainable Building and Living with the focus on Plastics.

The participants will discuss how to drive the construction products towards sustainability in sense of the SDGs. In this process they will consider the immense urbanisation, the most relevant innovations in the field of plastics and its alternatives in the construction regarding the building climate resilience.

More about the ISC3 Workstream on Sustainable Building and Living

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 22 November 2019: Energy & Resources in Building Lifecycle (during Green Build 2019)

The ISC3 workshop "Energy & Resources in Building Lifecycle" will take place in Atlanta during the conference Green Build 2019. The workshop examines the lifecycle of building materials, energy requirements and other resources from production, transportation, construction, and use until demolition, disposal or recycling. Plastic products and additives play a special role in examining the building lifecycle. Experts from different industries, civil society, universities, and international organizations are working together to find the most sustainable solutions to achieve the SDGs also in this field.

The leading questions of the workshop are:

  • Which specific properties and advantages do have plastic products in construction?
  • How efficient are plastic products regarding energy and other resources through the whole lifecycle?
  • What are the best ways to assess the performance and sustainability of the buildings?

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Graz, Austria, 13 September 2019: Protection of Health and the Environment (SBE 2019)

The workshop in Graz is devoted to the protection of health and the environment regarding plastic materials in building & living. The workshop is taking place at the conference Sustainable Build Environment 2019 in Graz University of Technology. Stakeholders from international organisations, world plastic and construction producers, universities and research facilities as well as environmental experts will discuss the status-quo and the innovations in the building area focusing on the following questions:

  • What plastics are subject for concerns regarding waste and emissions throughout the life-cycle?
  • How can the environmental performance of the building materials be evaluated over their life cycle?
  • How does waste and waste water from the construction phase impact local environment?


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Bonn, Germany, 26 - 28 June 2019: Resilient Cities, interactive stand

The ISC3 interactive booth at the ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) conference of Resilient Cities aimed to involve the conference visitors into a discussion about plastic building materials and resilience. An online survey with 20 questions was offered to visitors from over 60 countries. In addition to the survey, a direct dialog with experts providing deeper feedback followed.

Download the results of the interactive survey (coming soon)

Nairobi, Kenya, 12 June 2019: Affordable Housing and Urbanisation

The second workshop, that focuses on the African continent, is devoted to Affordable Housing and Urbanisation. It is taking place during Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW) in Nairobi on 12 June 2019. It will bring together diverse stakeholders from the region, including green building council, UN-Habitat, chemical construction producers, ministries, environmental experts, academics and representatives from civil society.

  • Is higher energy efficiency of a building (insulation, ventilation and efficient utilities) affordable? How can it be made affordable?
  • What are the best practices and suitable solutions for informal settlements (e.g. compounds, houses made of PET-bottles’ waste, local materials like bamboo?
  • How can (plastic) building materials stimulate employment?


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Shanghai, China, 21 May 2019: Resilience and Urbanisation

The first workshop, that focuses on the Asian region, is devoted to the climate resilience of buildings and urbanisation. It is taking place at AchemAsia in Shanghai on 21 May 2019. It will bring together diverse stakeholders from the region, including chemical construction producers, ministries, environmental experts, academics and representatives from civil society.

  • What applications contribute to the problematical climate regions with hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, moisture etc?
  • How do plastic solutions influence the four main resilience components: Robustness, Resourcefulness, Recovery and Redundancy?
  • What is the advantage of plastics in building considering the three paradigms: Risk – vs. - Resilience – vs- Sustainability?


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