ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

ISC3 at AchemAsia, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China 21-23 May 2019

With the booming chemicals market in China, the PR is of a particular importance for the ISC3’s mission to promote sustainable chemistry solutions. At AchemAsia 2019, the ISC3 will host a booth and a conduct a congress session targeted at sustainable chemistry entrepreneurs and potential partners from the Asian region.

At the booth, the ISC3 will showcase innovators developing sustainable chemistry solutions. The ISC3 session "Building Sustainable Chemistry Ecosystem for Innovators in Asia" takes place during the AchemAsia congress on 22 May 2019 from 1:30pm – 5pm. The session, moderated by the ISC3 Innovation Hub Co-Director Alexis Bazzanella, will give insights into the ISC3 and its Global Start-up Service. The session will also host two keynot speakers: Carol Lin, School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong, will give a presentation on trends in Green and Sustainable Chemistry with a focus on plastic and textile waste in a circular economy. Hong Wa Poon, Innovation Manager at the Merck Innovation Center, will elaborate on the newly launched China Accelerator and how Merck – a multinational science and technology company – innovates through collaboration with start-ups. Afterwards, a number of Asian start-ups from Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and China will give pitch presentations on their groundbreaking innovations in the sustainable chemistry sphere. The session is accompanied by the ISC3 booth, at which the start-ups will showcase their innovations.

Expert Workshop on "Plastics in Sustainable Building & Living"

ISC3 organises an expert’s workshop on Resilience & Urbanisation within the workstream "Plastics in Sustainable Building & Livin". The workshop is taking place on 21 May from 1:30 pm – 6 pm. The goal of ISC3 within the workstream is to prepare an expert report on how to drive construction products towards sustainability showing the innovative fields in that sector. The preliminary study by Dr. H.Friege, Leuphana University, on Polymers in building will be introduced to the participants. From the exchange between stakeholders a final report will be created by ISC3 until the end of 2019 with precise recommendations for politics and industry.

AchemAsia is the international exhibition and innovation forum for sustainable chemical production for the Asian market, co-organized by DECHEMA since 1989. The event takes place every 3 years and gathers about 13,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors from all over the world. Its mission is to offer a platform for market access, to enhance communication between customers, suppliers and potential cooperation partners, and to push innovations in China’s process industry. The key topics of this year’s AchemAsia focus on the core sectors of China’s process industry, with sustainability as anchor theme: process and pharma technology, water management, plant and process safety and digitalization.

1st ISC3 Stakeholder Forum, 20.-21. June 2019 in Bonn, Germany

The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) will host its first Stakeholder Forum on 20.-21. of June 2019 in Bonn, Germany. The event will introduce the participants to the work programme of the ISC3 and invites them to engage in the dialogue on the emerging concept of sustainable chemistry.

As a new international collaborative centre, the ISC3 believes in the power of dialogue and cooperation as key drivers of transformative change. With the first Stakeholder Forum the ISC3 wants to interlink representatives from policy, industry, academia and civil society and discuss how sustainable chemistry can contribute to achieving the SDGs and become a solution provider for a circular, climate-resilient society.

Furthermore, the event provides a new forum to discuss the ideas and activities of the centre to foster sustainable chemistry solutions worldwide through collaboration, innovation, education, research and information.

With this new dialogue forum, the ISC3 hopes to engage with all interested parties in an open dialogue, learn about the different expectations towards sustainable chemistry and discuss new ideas for the work programme.

Further information on the ISC3 Stakeholder Forum

Workshop “Entropy change - a suitable measure for (chemical) sustainability?” 25 – 26 June 2019, Diplomatic Academy, Vienna

The workshop from 25th until 26th of June 2019 in Vienna, will explore the applicability of entropy change as a measure of sustainability. As an interactive scientific format, the workshop brings together leading experts from the fields of material flow management, resource and waste management, statistical entropy analysis and sustainability among others. The multidisciplinary provides an opportunity to look at the entropy change and its links to sustainability from the different perspectives.

The workshop is jointly organized by the ISC3 Research and Education Hub, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and the Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany.

Participation is by invitation only. For further information contact Dr. Dorota Bartkowiak, ISC3 Research & Education Hub; dorota.bartkowiak©

5th Summer School on Sustainable Chemistry for Sustainable Development, The Myths of Renewables, 16-20 September, Lüneburg

The 5th Summer School on Sustainable Chemistry for Sustainable Development jointly organized by ISC3 Research and Education Hub and Leuphana University of Lüneburg provides participants with an understanding of the latest developments in concepts of sustainable chemistry and chemicals management. During the training event from September 16th to 20th 2019, students and professionals from all regions of the world will get together at the campus of the Leuphana University in Lüneburg.

This year’s Summer School on Sustainable Chemistry will take a closer look on renewables. Despite all the hopes linked to renewable resources there are also severe limitations of their use and other pitfalls. The challenges, opportunities and benefits of sustainable chemistry in the field of renewable resources will be discussed.

The trainers’ team consists of scientists and practitioners as well as of individuals who actively operate in different fields of sustainable chemistry and international co-operations. On top of that, experts in the field of sustainable chemistry and renewables will introduce their work and experience.

Participants from emerging and developing countries are eligible to apply travel grants if they contribute to the Summer School by preparing a poster presentation related to the topic of renewables. Participants need to apply for the travel grant by sending an abstract of the poster presentation, motivation letter, CV and - if available – references to summerschool-s3c© All these documents must reach us until 15 April 2019 at the latest!

For more details and registration please refer to the following link: