ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Workshops on Life Cycle Assessment on the 2nd and 9th of September (4.30 pm CET) for GSS

In the frame of our extended level 2 service for ISC3 GSS start-ups, Karoline Wowra and Andreas Scharf will give an overview on the topic of environmental sustainability assessment with a particular focus to life cycle assessment and on its standards and benefits. Both of our speakers have a long-standing history in LCA and are working as project manager in bioeconomy & sustainability assessment at DECHEMA e.V.

The webinar will be divided in two sessions: 

Webinar 1: Introduction to sustainability and environmental sustainability assessment (2nd of September 2021, 4.30 pm CET)

  • In this first Global Start-Up Service Lvl. 2 Support Webinar will is focussed on the three pillars of sustainability.
    It offers an overview of methods to assess environmental sustainability e.g. life cycle assessment, SDGs, Planetary Boundaries, Science-based targets, MÖK, Consumption Footprint, Chemical Product Footprint, Distance to target) is given and benefits in context to start-ups are highlighted.
    Particular attention is given to life cycle assessment, its standards and benefits.
    Particpipation is limited to ISC3 GSS onboarded start-ups.

Webinar 2: Case studies of environmental sustainability analyses (9th of September 2021, 4.30 pm CET)

  • The second ISC3 Global Start-Up Service Lvl. 2 Support Webinar on sustainability will focus on case studies related to environmental sustainability assessment.
  • Relevant case studies e.g. life cycle assessments from the chemical industry and bioeconomy are presented.
  • Challenges, pitfalls and opportunities for start-ups conducting environmental sustainability assessments are highlighted.
    Particpipation is limited to ISC3 GSS onboarded start-ups.

If you are interested in onboarding the GSS, please visit: ISC3 GSS

If you would like to join our next Workshops, please contact: thomas.homburg©

Pitch – Training for the finalist of the Innovation Challenge 2021

  • September 14th , 2021 10:00-12:00 CEST - Pitch training: Group Session 1

The pitch training will help our finalists improve their pitching skills in order to successfully present their innovation in front of investors.

  • September 21st, 2021  10:00-12:00  CEST - Pitch training: Group Session 2

After a personal feedback from our trainers, our finalist start-ups now have the chance to show their improved pitch skills in prep of our Inverstor Forum 2021.

Partner Event: Indo-German Startup Week 2021 (20-24 September)

Join the Indo-German Startup Week 2021 (20-24 September) hosted by the GINSEP (German Indian Startup Exchange Program). Join the B2B networking sessions for startups and meet network partners and learn about how to expand internationally, mentoring events and funding opportunities.

When and Where ?

These networking sessions are possible on all five days of the startup week between 3pm-4pm CET / 6.30 pm -7.30 pm IST. Registrations for networking sessions are open till 5 September 2021. The shortlisted startups will be intimated at a closer date. 

Why you should join?

This is your opportunity to discuss collaboration opportunities one-on-one with our network partners from India and Germany. During these sessions, startups will be able to connect with corporates, investors,  innovation funds, German-Indian trade agencies and government representatives. You could discuss specific problems and learn from hands-on experience of our partners who have been there, done that. Partners for this year include Bosch DNA, SAP Startup Studio, MBRDI, Siemens Healthineers, BASF, AB InBev, Larsen Toubro Innovation Fund, Innovation Fund - Aditya Birla Group, Infosys Innovation Fund, Indian Angel Network, TiE, NASSCOM, Karnataka Startup Cell, Kerala Startup Mission, Startup India, MEITY Startup Hub, T-Hub, de:hub, AsiaBerlin, German Accelerator, We Hub, DWIH, Stempeers, and Fraunhofer.

Please leave your details and register here.

Join us for our 5th session of the Sustainable Chemistry Club: Hydrogen Economy and Emerging Applications!

The Sustainable Chemistry Club is hosting its fifth session to discuss Hydrogen Economy and Emerging Applications on the 30th of September 2021 from 12.00 - 1.30 pm (Germany) and 3.30 – 5.00 pm (India) – Online (register here).

Join us and our speakers Prof. Dr. Ganapati Yaday, Emeritus Professor of Eminence & Dormer Vice Chancellor, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and Dr. Florian Ausfelder, Head of Energy and Climate team at the Dechema e.V, Germany. to discuss the linkage between Sustainable Chemistry and Hydrogen Economy and Emerging Applications.

This initiative was created by the ISC3 and the Science and Technology Park Pune (Scitech) to raise awareness on the pivotal role of Sustainable Chemistry (SC) across sectors and value chains. Participants will learn the holistic concept of Sustainable Chemistry and understand the linkages between SC, various industry sectors and innovation. In each session speakers will present their insights, experiences and challenges followed by an open discussion.

Join us once a month to learn, connect and discuss with industry experts, Scientists and Entrepreneurs. Together we can help shape the transformation of the chemical sector towards sustainable chemistry!

If you are interested in learning more about the Sustainable Chemistry Club, please contact our International Relations Manager Juanita Halblaub.

Focus topic Sustainable Chemistry & Renewable Energy: Expert workshop in Uruguay on 27th-29th of October 2021

As a part of its new focus topic Sustainable Chemistry & Renewable Energy ISC3 organises an expert workshop in Uruguay on 27th-29th of October 2021.

The event unites a 2-days’ training on current PtX technologies and an expert dialogue on the 3d day to discuss the current outstanding issues in the field. The Training was developed by the International PtX Hub Berlin (GIZ) in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire green H2 & PtX value chain and to look at the opportunities of green H2 & PtX in future energy systems. The general goal of the trainings is to create a critical mass of well-versed people worldwide who have a high level of professional competence in the subject of green H2& PtX. For Uruguay ISC3 aims to enriching the training with modules focusing on SC and providing training material in Spanish. The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) of Uruguay is outlining the demand for specific topics within the PtX area and providing an expert network in the current field to recruit participants. A white paper and a fact sheet will be published based on the discussion an specific contributions by the experts.

Metals matter 5-7 November 2021

Metals are fascinating. In their diversity and finiteness they often determine our lives unnoticed. No smartphone or car without them. What are the potentials and limitations of a Circular Economy? What are the pathways to policy implementation?

Many different aspects of this topic will be discussed on the basis of specific examples aiming at a comprehensive development of a circular economy for metals. It is a matter of sustainable raw material security and as such safeguarding the future.

All stakeholders and interested parties are welcome to join this conference (in German language) at the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing from 5 to 7 November 2021. For more information and registration, please visit the webpage or refer to this flyer. Registration deadline: 29 October 2021

This event is jointly organized by:

Prof. Dr. Martin Faulstich, Lehrstuhl Ressourcen- und Energiesysteme, TU Dortmund und Vorstand INZIN e.V – Institut für die Zukunft der Industrie-gesellschaft, Düsseldorf

Dr. Martin Held und Martin Waßink, Evangelische Akademie Tutzing

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer, Institut für nachhaltige Chemie, Universität Lüneburg, und Research and Education Hub, International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3)

Investor Forum 2021 9-11 November 2021

The Investor Forum 2021 will take place

9-11 November 2021 in the afternoon (CET).

In case of any questions please get in touch
with Astrid Ewaz.

More information and all updates can be found here.


Global Sustainable Chemistry Week: 8-12 November 2021

With the Global Sustainable Chemistry Week, the ISC3 strives to raise international awareness for the concept and the actors in this field. The Week takes place in 8-12 November 2021 as an international, online event, with the goal to present the relevance and fascination of Sustainable Chemistry with a cross-sectoral approach. With the Global Sustainable Chemistry Week, the ISC3 will offer a platform for all stakeholders to present their projects, business models, and research activities. Learn more here.

6th Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference - online

The 6th Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference will take place online – live and on-demand on 16-18 November 2021.

In its 6th edition, the conference addresses the role of chemistry in contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference is chaired by Prof. Klaus Kümmerer, Director of the ISC3 Research & Education Hub and Director of the Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry of the Leuphana University, and organised by Elsevier. The conference aims to provide a multi-disciplinary forum for participants from academia, industry, politics, NGOs, and other areas to address today's sustainability challenges.

Abstracts can be submitted until 28 May 2021 here.

Learn more and register here.