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Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Chemistry – Start-up of the Month

Start-ups are a unique source of knowledge and innovation that can substantially contribute to the transformation of the chemical sector. Therefore, assessing and supporting start-ups is a key element of the ISC3 strategy. With each “Start-up of the Month”, the ISC3 tells the story of a company and its founder, gives insights into the innovation and its relation to sustainability. The start-ups presented here are part of the ISC3 Global Start-up Service which provides them with support to develop and scale their business based on the principles of sustainable chemistry.

Le Qara creates vegan and sustainable leather for the fashion industry

Isemar and Jacqueline Cruz use biotech, engineering expertise, and microorganisms to create high-quality vegan leather that is biodegradable and…

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INDRESMAT develops game-changing processes and materials for a more sustainable building sector

Pablo R. Outón harvests the potential of thermoset polyurethane (PUR) to produce more energy efficient and carbon-friendly construction materials

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Banyan Nation transforms the plastic waste value chain with technology-driven model

Mani Vajipey and Raj Madangopal are reshaping plastics recycling in India through their data intelligence platform for waste management and process…

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Innoverda creates sustainable chemistry production processes

Innoverda’s innovators reduce energy consumption, chemical waste, and financial cost in chemical and pharamaceutical manufacturing with flow…

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mobius turns organic waste into sustainable plastic products

American start-up develops new naturally-biodegradable and compostable polymers from industrial organic waste

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Mario Salgado looking to revolutionize agro-industrial biomass waste refinement

Ecuadorian entrepreneur works on the up-cycling of agro-industrial biomass waste


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