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Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Chemistry – Start-up of the Month

Start-ups are a unique source of knowledge and innovation that can substantially contribute to the transformation of the chemical sector. Therefore, assessing and supporting start-ups is a key element of the ISC3 strategy. With each “Start-up of the Month”, the ISC3 tells the story of a company and its founder, gives insights into the innovation and its relation to sustainability. The start-ups presented here are part of the ISC3 Global Start-up Service which provides them with support to develop and scale their business based on the principles of sustainable chemistry.

Paraexcel – Fighting post-harvest loss with edible coatings

Paraexcel Global Ltd., a Nigeria-based start-up, has developed edible coating for fruits, vegetables, and tubers to extend their shelf life and thus…

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AHEZA IWACU – Making a better home with waste management solutions

The female-led African start-up AHEZA IWACU provides innovative waste management solutions through collection, recycling, and upcycling of local…

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CannaRe – Converting biomass wastes into food flavors and aromas

The Israel-based start-up CannaRe Renewable Technologies LTD converts agricultural and urban green waste into valuable chemicals in the form of…

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ZoraMat Solutions - “A new dawn towards a clear blue sky”

ZoraMat Solutions, a Canadian start-up from Calgary, came onto the market with a metal organic framework material that acts like a molecular sponge…

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Primitives Biodesign - actively reducing food waste and plastics pollution

The female led San Francisco-based biotech startup Primitives Biodesign is actively reducing food waste and plastics pollution by engineering “smart”…

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EcoAct Tanzania - Actively fighting and preventing deforestation and ocean pollution in Tanzania

The East African start-up EcoAct Tanzania invented an energy-conserving technology which transforms post-consumer plastic garbage and packaging…

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MATSEN CHEMIE AG - Setting up a business completely focused on sustainability

The German start-up MATSEN CHEMIE AG is specialized in environmental friendly chemical distribution, focusing on products made from renewable raw…

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