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ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Chemistry – Start-up of the Month

Start-ups are a unique source of knowledge and innovation that can substantially contribute to the transformation of the chemical sector. Therefore, assessing and supporting start-ups is a key element of the ISC3 strategy. With each “Start-up of the Month”, the ISC3 tells the story of a company and its founder, gives insights into the innovation and its relation to sustainability. The start-ups presented here are part of the ISC3 Global Start-up Service which provides them with support to develop and scale their business based on the principles of sustainable chemistry.

Geyser Batteries - innovative high-power batteries with a sustainable approach

Geyser Batteries, a Finland-based startup, develops and manufactures innovative high-power batteries with a sustainable approach. The novelty lies in…

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INBIOAR – Innovation in Natural Products for Crop Protection

The Argentina-based biochemical start-up INBIOAR was established a decade ago at the National University of Rosario with a vision of creating…

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Sironix Renewables – creating high performing and ecofriendly products

The Seattle based start-up Sironix Renewables transform plants into eco-friendly high-performance ingredients for the household cleaning industry.…

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Cellugy – Fighting plastic waste with biocellulose

The female-led start-up CELLUGY from Denmark has developed a biocellulose-based product called EcoFLEXY that can be used as an alternative recyclable…

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SCHUTZEN Chemical Group – Driving towards Sustainable Chemistry with tamarind polymer

The India-based start-up SCHUTZEN Chemical group has developed new technologies for processing polymer from tamarind seed and gaining desired…

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Paraexcel – Fighting post-harvest loss with edible coatings

Paraexcel Global Ltd., a Nigeria-based start-up, has developed edible coating for fruits, vegetables, and tubers to extend their shelf life and thus…

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AHEZA IWACU – Making a better home with waste management solutions

The female-led African start-up AHEZA IWACU provides innovative waste management solutions through collection, recycling, and upcycling of local…

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