Innovation Challenge 2020/2021

ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energies: First Application Round closed

The first application round for the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energies ended on March 31st 2021. The ISC3 Innovation Hub will select and notify eligible applicants for the application round two from the 50 successfully submitted applications until April 15th, 2021.

The successful applicants from round one will be able to apply for the second round from April 15th to May 31st 2021.

In case you missed the application deadline for the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energies, but would be interested in joining the ISCGlobal Start-up Service, please have a look here.

ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energies


The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) launched the call for applications for the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energies. The ISC3 Innovation Challenge 2020/2021 addresses innovators from around the world which are active in developing sustainable chemistry solutions linked to renewable energies. Five finalists will receive access to the customized support within the ISC3 Global Start-up Service as well as pitch training, networking possibilities and visibility via the ISC3 communication channels.
In the frame of the November-held Investor Forum 2021, the winner of the Innovation Challenge 2021 will be awarded a monetary prize of 15,000 EUR. In addition, the winners of two further categories, namely “Best Social Impact” and “Best Regional Impact”, will receive monetary prizes of 5.000 EUR each. All three winners will also gain Digital Award Credentials including certificate and badge. Contest applications will be accepted from 0:00 a.m. (CET) December 18, 2020 until 0:00 a.m. (CEST) April 1, 2021.

The ISC3 Innovation Challenge aims to engage, award and promote sustainable chemistry innovators and their original solutions, since the transformation of the chemical sector plays a key role towards achieving most of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The ISC3 Innovation Challenge is held annually and is thematically oriented on an annually selected focus topic. The first ISC3 Innovation Challenge 2019/20 called for innovations in the field of Sustainable Living and Building. The second ISC3 Innovation Challenge 2020/2021 is dedicated to innovative Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energy solutions, such as:

  • Sustainable chemistry solutions for renewable energy supply and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Performance of materials and technologies
  • Chemical production technologies based on carbon neutral energy and CO2 feedstock supply
  • Durability and resilience
  • Renewable energy sources as feedstock supply in chemical transformations
  • Storage capacity building

Proposals submitted by innovators and entrepreneurs from developing countries and tackling challenges in developing countries are particularly encouraged, as are proposals coming from female entrepreneurs.


After the proposal evaluation period (June 1 – July 9, 2021), the five finalists will be officially announced after July 15, 2021. The Innovation Challenge Award Ceremony will be held in the frame of the Investor Forum in November 2021.