ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre


Sustainable chemistry needs to be able to rely on the sound knowledge of executives, researchers and practitioners. The ISC3-Research & Education Hub screens, assesses, develops and implements interna-tional study programs of sustainable chemistry. For a proper understanding of sustainable chemistry, knowhow about green chemistry, i.e. synthesis and product related topics, needs to be complemented by a broad expertise on circular economy and product life cycle, recycling, feedstock, new business and service models, regulations, international chemicals management, environmental chemistry, toxicology and economics.

With the establishment of the International School for Sustainable Chemistry, the ISC3 aims at making sustainable chemistry an integral part of scientific and executive education. The ISC3-Research Hub offers scientific courses and trainings on a global level and helps interested third parties, such as universities or authorities especially from developing countries, to establish similar programs in their institutions. Fur-thermore, the ISC3-Research & Education Hub holds the Summer School on Sustainable Chemistry each year, which addresses not only academia but also aims to interlink young academics with professionals from authorities, industry, and non-governmental organizations. The summer school is complementary to the annual scientific Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry.



ISC3 International School

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