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Climate Action Programme for the Chemical Industry - CAPCI

The chemical industry sector is a major player in terms of industrial production and products for our daily life, but also for tackling climate change. The chemical and petrochemical industries account for around 10% of the world´s final energy demand and 8% of the GHG emissions. In 2005 the total GHG emissions of the chemical industry amounted to 2,092 million T CO2eq and might more than double to 4,507 million T CO2eq by 2030. The CAPCI project aims to enable key actors in selected developing countries and emerging economies to identify and tap mitigation potentials in chemical production and associated value chains. To this end, the project will strengthen the capacities of key actors for effective climate protection in the chemical industry. For this purpose, the project aims to bring together stakeholders from the public and the private sector as well as from civil society and academia. The key partners include authorities such as the ministries of environment, that are generally responsible for climate and chemicals policies, as well as associations of the chemical industry in the partner countries. On international level, the UN Climate Secretariat with its Capacity Development Network (PCCB-Network) and the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) are key partners of CAPCI. Regarding the technological options for GHG mitigation, CAPCI has a broad focus that includes energy supply and use, resource efficiency, life-cycle approaches, circular economy and options related with products as well as production. Information, capacity-building and targeted advice provided by the project are oriented at realistic and efficient pathways and solutions.

Learn more about the project's background, objectives, approach, and outlook here.

There is a webinar series is organized by the project “Climate Action Programme for the Chemical Industry” (CAPCI) that is carried out by the GIZ and funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) in the framework of its International Climate Initiative (IKI).

Content of the Webinar Series

Session 1 : Overview The nexus chemistry and climate change: Role and importance of the chemical industry for tackling climate change 01 September 2021 (12:30 14:00 Berlin Time)

Session 2: Innovation in and from the chemical sector as a key driver for low carbon solutions 06 October 2021 (12:30 14:00 Berlin Time)

Session 3: Climate policies Potential contributions of the chemical industry for ambitious climate policies and mitigation objectives 03 November 2021 (12:30 14:00 Berlin Time) tbc

Session 4: Practical solutions for tackling climate change: Learning experiences and good practices from the chemical industry 01 December 2021 (12:30 14:00 Berlin Time) tbc

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