Sustainable Chemistry Voices

ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Sam Adu-Kumi, Director Chemicals Control and Management Centre EPA, Ghana

For Sam Adu-Kumi, Director of the Chemicals Control and Management Centre of the Environment Protection Agency in Ghana, Sustainable Chemistry means going beyond "normal" chemistry and making the benefits chemistry possesses available for all parts of society.

Edu Inam (PH.D) Department of Chemistry, University of Uyo, Nigeria

Edu Inam, Director of the International Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability of the University of Uyo, Nigeria, points out: "Sustainable Chemistry is an important concept for us because it helps us to combat polution and create green enterprises."

Nitesh Mehta, Director Green ChemisTree Foundation, India

Nitesh Mehta, Director Green ChemisTree Foundation from India, noticed that people have started realizing that Sustainable Chemistry is something that can address our problems, in all dimensions of the entire society and across the globe.

Rebecca Freitag und Felix Kamiksi, Deutscher Bundesjugendring

Rebecca Freitag und Felix Kamiksi, Youth Delegates for Sustainable Development, Deutscher Bundesjugendring, want Sustainable Chemistry to be the new normal, from kindergarten to university.

Dr Jaisheila Rajput, CEO Toma-Now, South Africa

Dr Jaisheila Rajput, CEO Toma-Now, South Africa, is convinced that Sustainable Chemistry plays a pivotal role not only in terms of designing new materiasl, but also by looking at the full lifecycle of a product.

Ylann Schemm, Director Elsevier Foundation

Ylann Schemm, Director Elsevier Foundation, with inspiring thoughts on Sustainable Chemistry and Science: "It is a way to spur more sustainable science in developing countries. They are facing the largest challenges."

Prof. Changwei Hu, Sichuan University, China

According to Prof. Changwei Hu, Director Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Technology, Sustainable Chemistry can address three problems: "Depleting of resources, environmental pollution, and a need for better living conditions."

Sebastian Diaz, CEO at Start-Up Chile

Sebastian Diaz knows about the importance of entrepreneurship for Sustainable Chemistry: "Speed is a key, if you want to speed up the process, you have to look for start-ups, they move really fast.”