ISC3 Advisory Board and Scientific Board hold first meeting

ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre


Stakeholder engagement is a key element for the mission of ISC3 as an international collaborative centre on sustainable chemistry.

ICS3 Advisory Board and Scientific Board hold first meeting in Bonn

Meeting of the ISC3 Scientific Board with focus on research and education

To engage with experts and stakeholders on a regular basis the ISC3 has set up an Advisory Board and a Scientific Board as fora for dialogue on strategic and thematic issues. The ISC3 invited international experts and representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups to join the boards, which came together for a first meeting on September 18th 2018 in Bonn. The first meeting of the boards was dedicated to the discussion on the strategy and the work programme of the ISC3, giving the newly appointed members an opportunity to reflect and advise the ISC3 on these fundamental issues. Further information on the Advisory Board and the Scientific Board is available.