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ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

Finding the right chemistry for ghg-neutrality: Building a climate-resilient future with Chemistry through Innovations and Impact Measurement

13 December 2018, 11.30 – 12.45, UN Climate Change Conference COP24, German Pavilion

The chemical sector is a key driver for cross-sectoral innovation: By making its impact on climate measurable while steering innovations towards sustainability, the chemical sector contributes to a ghg-resilient society. The session starts with the presentation of chemical start-ups pitching their ideas for a more resource-efficient and climate-neutral economy. Furthermore, the event discusses the role of sustainable innovation, ways to quantify the impact and to build suitable business as wells as policy frameworks for scaling-up technologies in the future.

With the Side Event, jointly hosted with the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), the ISC3 raises awareness for climate smart solutions based on sustainable chemistry innovation and highlights the need to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. By presenting two case studies for sustainable chemistry innovation from start-ups, the ISC3 showcases the contributions of sustainable chemistry innovation towards a ghg-neutral society.

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Case studies for climate smart solutions through sustainable chemistry innovation

Case Study I: Start-up Sustainable Carbon Cycle Industries

Case Study II: Start-up Saperatec

1st ISC3 Stakeholder Forum, March 2019

The ISC3 Stakeholder Forum will provide stakeholders from all sectors with the opportunity to discuss sustainable chemistry issues and engage with the ISC3 experts on the activities of the centre.

More Information will be available soon.

4th Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference, 5-8 May 2019, Dresden, Germany

The 4th Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference will not only provide a forum for chemistry related topics such as synthesis and technical aspects of chemistry and its products, but the broader context that is necessary to enable long term viable and globally applicable contributions of chemistry to the SDGs. The conference aims to provide a forum for participants from academia and industry, from authorities and other institutions to address these challenges in a broad unique manner the latest developments across the broad and diverse fields of Green and Sustainable Chemistry. More information is available at the Elsevier website.