ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre


Innovative solutions to combat and prevent pollution in the areas of mobility, energy, urbanisation, and agriculture very often originate in the chemical sector, its research community and in start-up companies. Examples are the replacements for fossil fuels, new energy storage systems and new construction and insolation materials. However, innovative solutions, that are able to contribute to a pollution free planet, do not find their way easily to the markets.

ISC3 has therefore initiated a new global start-up service and network to identify and support start-up companies in the developed as well as in the developing countries. In the first phase, the start-up service will provide communication support, network events, trainings and access to investors.

The ISC3-Innovation Hub will initiate and support innovation in the field of sustainable chemistry to contribute to the urgent societal challenges. Starting from R&D projects, the ISC3-Innovation Hub will catalyse tech transfer from science to industry and to the developing countries. Furthermore, the ISC3-Innovation Hub will support potential entrepreneurs by evaluating innovative approaches. An international Innovation Award will shine the light on outstanding projects all over the world, providing both an incentive and a showcase for the best innovations in the field of sustainable chemistry.