ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

What we do


The ISC3 is a catalyst for Sustainable Chemistry and acts on three levels: collaboration, innovation and education. It connects stakeholders from companies, research and science institutions, civil society and develops a transformative agenda in order to ensure that Sustainable Chemistry contributes to the international chemicals agenda, to the implementation of a circular economy and the SDG’s.

With its hubs, it creates a globally acting think tank and inspiring places where new ideas become innovations. It promotes sustainable novelties in companies, especially in startups. Another mandate to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals: to anchor the concepts of Sustainable Chemistry in the minds of decision-makers to inspire them for sustainable values and to make them aware of the responsible use of chemicals and the potential of Sustainable Chemistry – in business, politics and science. In order to achieve this ISC3 will initiate an International School for Sustainable Chemistry.